CrazyCap LYT Bottle, Self-Cleaning and Water Purification Sports Bottle 17 Oz, Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel, Double Walled, Simple to Use Hydro Smart Metal Canteen

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  • UV-C: PURIFICATION OF THE FUTURE | The CrazyCap 2 has been Tested and Certified by NSF International against NSF/ANSI 55 for Disinfection Performance, Class B when used in Crazy Mode. CrazyCap’s powerful ultraviolet light is your family’s new favorite tech! Built right into the cap, our hard-working rays are on the same wavelength as the UV used to sanitize operating rooms, water treatment plants, and other serious stuff.
  • SELF-CLEANING BOTTLE | Sip back and relax! CrazyCap stops odors from breeding inside your water bottle. Every four hours, UV rays in the cap automatically activate, keeping your water 99.9996% fresh and clean—and the bottle free from yucky mold, mildew, odors and everyday funk.
  • 60 SECONDS TO PURE REFRESHMENT | So easy, even the kids can do it! With just a few taps of the finger, you can enjoy pristine drinking water whether you’re at home, camping, on the sports field, or in the parent pick-up line. Tap the cap twice for quick 60-second cleansing, or five times for deeper 2-minute purification.
  • SUPER INSULATED STAINLESS STEEL | Durably crafted of BPA-free 304 stainless steel with double-walled vacuum insulation, the CrazyCap flask is virtually indestructible. It stands up to the occasional drop, won’t leak, maintains hot beverages for 12 hours, and keeps drinks icy cold for up to 24 hours without breaking a sweat.
  • HAPPY ECO-FRIENDLY HYDRATION | The best alternative to boiled water, wasted soap, and expensive water tablets. CrazyCap helps keep your crew healthy while replacing 500,000+ plastic bottles! Reduce waste, save a ton of money, and enjoy our 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE backed by a limited LIFETIME warranty.

Details: The CrazyCap is a groundbreaking new UV light water purifier system that fastens directly into most standard cola top bottles - delivering immediate water purification results from natural water sources or questionable taps and public fountains. Get better results and absolute cleaner water with CrazyCap. It uses no filter and requires ZERO maintenance! A deep ultraviolet light treatment eradicates microbes completely before they can ever attach to filters or grow inside the bottle.


✔ At-Home or Travel Water Purifier
✔ Fast, Easy and Effective Decontamination
✔ Deep UV LED Technology
✔ Prevents Microbial Growth
✔ Removes Harmful Pathogens from Water
✔ Over 500,000 Treatments per Life Cycle
✔ Save $1000s on Bottles and Filters
✔ Portable and Rechargeable - Up to 7 -day Battery Life on Single Charge
✔ FDA, IPX7 and Rohs Certified


BPA Free 304 Stainless Steel Bottle (17 Oz.) - Vacuum Double-Walled Construction
Extra Gasket
Cleaning Wipes
User Manual


Make your life easier with effortless, hands-free photo-cleaning technology that effectively eliminates mold, bacteria and viruses with nothing but UV light exposure. Your water - and the bottle itself - remains clean, fresh and odorless with no soap or scrubbing needed.


You never know when disaster or a power outage can strike, leaving you and your family without access to clean drinking water. Outfit your earthquake and hurricane supplies, bug out bag or emergency stash with enough of these pocket-sized lifesavers for the whole family. Minimize your gear on the next hiking, backpacking or camping adventure. You no longer need bulky filters or tablets to obtain crisp, clean, purified water from drinking sources anywhere in the great outdoors.

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