ClearShot - Credit Card Sized Tripod/Stand for Mobile Phones. Adjustable and Universal.

  • 1400

ClearShot is a fully adjustable tripod for your smartphone that folds flat like a credit card and slips neatly in your wallet. Mind-bending creativity was hard at work to invent such an adaptive tool. With a snap of two fingers, the ClearShot is capable of positioning any smartphone - with or without a case - at a range of angles from vertical to 45 degrees in both portrait or landscape mode. Set a camera timer and you will be the star of your own photo shoot. Or, kick back on a flight to watch your favorite show. Skype-call a friend hands-free, or hang out and let ClearShot do the lifting while capturing a sunset timelapse. Want to see something truly magical? Set it on a high-chair with cartoons playing and watch in amazement as your otherwise unruly kid is awarded “Toddler of the Year”.

  • Ultra thin stand designed to fit in your wallet.
  • Universal design - Works on all phones, even with cases
  • Perfect for watching video hands free, self photos and group photos, time lapse, & FaceTime.
  • Adjustable between 45 and 90 degrees (range of motion may be limited with some cases)