Ear Phone Connection EP-FUA Ambidextrous Skeleton Ear Tip, S/M/L, Clear/Black

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Brand: Ear Phone Connection


  • First Ambidextrous ear tip that can be worn in the left or right ear.
  • Comprised of Shore 25 Silicone gel for unprecedented comfort.
  • Wider openings allows for more ambient sound to travel through.
  • The cone shape does not penetrate the inside of the ear, reducing ear fatigue.
  • Fits easily inside the contours of the ear, keeping the tip securely in place even during evasive movements.

Publisher: Ear Phone Connection

Details: The Fin Ultra Ambi ear tip is made of soft silicone gel delivering all day comfort and allows ambient sound to pass through for improved situational awareness. The Fin Ultra Ambi is the next evolution, bringing the first ambidextrous ear tip fit for both the left and right ear to the market. No more left and right, less confusion and hassle for the user.

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