Ear Phone Connection Micro Sound Tubeless Listen Only Earpiece

  • 4500

The Micro Sound is the first of its kind to incorporate a tiny speaker driver into our patent pending Fin Ultra™ Ambi dual sided flex ear tip.

With traditional Acoustic Air Audio tubes there are many moving parts equating to more vulnerability, shorter life span and more wear and tear. Sound can diminish or not be heard at all due to impurities or sound bubbles created inside the tube.

The Micro Sound Tubeless Earpiece delivers clear audio with no obstruction or sound loss, just clean audio from the source all the way to your ear. The tiny speaker drive puts out 1350 Ohms providing enough output for high power radios with very little distortion.

Includes small, medium and large size Fin Ultra™ Ambi ear tips for left or right ear fit and all day comfort fit.