Edgemaker Knife Sharpening Set- Includes Edgemaker Pro for Sharpening & Edgemaker Sharpening Tool for Polishing any Blade- Durable, Portable, Safe, & Easy to Use

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  • THIS TOOLS SET INCLUDES - one Edgemaker Pro Sharpener 331 for Sharpening and one Quick Sharp Restoration Tool for restoring any blade. This set is perfect for the garage, keeping your knives sharp and performing at their best
  • EDGEMAKER PRO SHARPENER 331 - uses a 2-step sharpening method that will give a keen edge to any blade and is perfect for sharpening and honing any blade
  • QUICK SHARP RESTORATION TOOL - features aggressive steel for restoring and repairing very dull knives, then leaving a finishing touch. This tool is also great for putting an edge on garden tools, shovels, and hoes
  • HOW THEY WORK - all Edgemaker Tools work the same way. Simply draw the knife through the crossed steels with mild pressure. Read all safety information before use
  • SECURE, DURABLE, AND LONG LASTING - includes an unbreakable, high impact, plastic handle. Steels can be pulled out and rotated to provide new sharpening surface for years of use. Simply place sharpener in hot water for one minute to expand plastic, pull steels, rotate, and then reinsert

Details: The Edgemaker Knife Sharpener sharpens most any edge. This knife sharpener kit sharpens, hones and polishes your blades. It removes little metal and is safe & easy to use. It sharpens knives in less than one minute, touches up your knives in seconds and gives you a professional edge every time. The Orange tool sharpens & hones straight or serrated blades, electric knives & scissors. The Blue tool polishes straight blades, serrated edges and electric knives.

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