Feniex 4200 Controller with Datalink

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18 programmable buttons: -On/Off -Momentary -Timer Capabilities: 3 position slide switch 2 channel Integrated wigwag 20 programmable 10 amp outputs Programmable Ignition activation Programmable Night mode activation Programmable Day mode activation 5 programmable inputs Computer programmable using a USB port Free software downloads Bluetooth wireless control option available for both android and apple devices Green backlit LEDs for night time use Red backlit LEDs during button activation Universal compatible with any light or siren product Kit Includes: U-Shaped Mounting Bracket, USB wire and 2 RJ45 cables Console Face plates available with Havis, Jotto and Troy

  • Newest version on the Market - Data Link unit.
  • Full User Programmability The 4200 includes a Feniex developed software package, which allows the operator to program each button. This open ended software allows for ease and flexibility for installers.
  • Innovative Power Supply With the user in mind, this slim line power supply was designed for ease of installation.
  • All In One Controller This unique interface features a 3 position slide switch and an integrated traffic adviser.
  • Each button is back lit with a LED; red indicates the function is on, while green indicates deactivation. A dim function is provided for night time use to promote user safety.