FIDLOCK Hermetic Maxi Dry Bag with Gooper Technology Orange

  • 3995

Color: Orange


  • PATENTED TECHNOLOGY. The first and only patented flexible magnetic waterproof self-sealing system. Patented magnetic strips are a deceptively simple yet sophisticated design. When you place two Gooper magnetic strips next to each other and let go, they click together to create an instant, waterproof seal. Simply open, insert, and let go – it is that simple. No more folding, snapping, wrapping or pressing to seal tightly your underwater phone bag.
  • WATERPROOF AND AIRTIGHT. The Gooper magnetic closure is waterproof and airtight, protecting your valuables against water, sand, dust, odors and other elements of the environment. Feel confident while boating, rafting, kayaking, swimming or snorkeling at your local river, lake or beach that your cell phone, credit cards, keys and money are protected in an elite dry bag.
  • PROTECT YOUR VALUABLES AND YOURSELF. The dry bag provides a layer of protection between your face and phone. The bag is fully washable - clean and disinfect the case as many times as needed with soap and water or alcohol wipes.
  • ADDITIONAL FEATURES. Full cell phone functionality through case - touch screen, video and audio are fully operational. No interference with electronics and cards. The magnets will not harm credit cards and will never rust. Lanyard included allows the dry bag to be toted anywhere you go.
  • DIMENSIONS: The Maxi is the perfect for maps and GPS devices. The maxi is the perfect size if you are out and about with a few more items than you planned. External: 7.40” x 8.47” | Internal: 5.91” x 7.56”

EAN: 4251207401343

Item Condition: New

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