FIDLOCK Phone Dry Bag, Waterproof Pouch for Cell Phone with Magnetic Closure, Clear

  • 2999


  • PATENTED TECHNOLOGY: Simply open, insert, & let go - it’s that simple. When you place 2 Gooper magnetic strips next to each other, they click together to create an instant, waterproof & airtight seal.
  • TOUCHSCREEN ACCESS: Easily access your cell phone through the case, including touch screen, video, & audio. There’s no interference with electronics & magnets are safe for credit cards & won’t rust.
  • PROTECT YOU & YOUR VALUABLES: Dry bags provide a layer of protection between your face & smartphone. It’s washable, so go ahead & clean & disinfect the case with soap & water or alcohol wipes.
  • FLEXIBLE SELF-SEALING HOLDER: Protect your keys, money, & phone against water, sand, dust, & odors while boating, rafting, kayaking, swimming, fishing, or snorkeling at the river, lake, pool, & beach.
  • MAGNETIC CLOSURE: Sealing is simple with an underwater pouch protector that needs no folding, snapping, wrapping, or pressing. External: 5.83” x 7.99”, Internal: 4.33” x 7.09”. Includes lanyard.

Details: The Hermetic Dry Bag Medi is perfectly sized for smartphones. It will keep your phone, money, and documents dry and safe. Thanks to the touch-ready material, full phone functionality allows the use of the phone while inside the bag.

EAN: 4251207401169

Item Condition: New

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