Fidlock Uni Connector Universal Bike Water Bottle Holder for Plastic Bottles or accessories with diameter up to 80 mm. Includes TWIST Bike Base

  • 4999

Color: Black


  • ANY BOTTLE ON YOUR BIKE FRAME: This cageless magnetic system features easy handling TWIST technology, magnetic guide & locking system that keeps bottles on the bike even on the roughest terrain.
  • CARRY MORE: If your bags are full and you don't want to wear your jacket or knee pads, just cinch them in alone or with your favorite water bottle. They'll be secure and accessible with the Uni Connector.
  • EASY USE: With an audible “click”, the fixture holds the bottle securely. To release, it only needs a clockwise TWIST. The bike base is mounted on the frame via the thread inserts and two screws.
  • ADJUSTABLE: The innovative magnetic-mechanical lock by FIDLOCK and the BOA system (a micro-adjustable dial and strong lightweight laces) provide a secure fitting for bottles up to 80mm.
  • GET CONNECTED: The modular TWIST system always consists of a base and an accessory, which is magneto-mechanically attached to the base. All TWIST products can be combined with each other.

Details: The Fidlock TWIST bottle series is the best in class bottle mount system. And the Fidlock Uni Connector is for those people that need to make use of their collection of old bottles. The new Fidlock TWIST uni connector combines our own patented connection system with the power of BOA and clever cable routing to carry your favorite water bottle or other accessories you need during your ride. Like the rest of the Fidlock TWIST series the Uni Connector uses a patented system that is magnetically guided to the bike base and is automatically secured by a mechanical lock and a satisfying “click”. To release the uni connector, just TWIST clockwise. The bike base is mounted on the frame of the bike by replacing your standard bottle cage using the two braze-on screw holes and the two provided screws. If you would like the freedom to change bottles with each ride or carry that souvenir water bottle from your last bike trip but need a secure, reliable, and convenient cage the Uni Connector by Fidlock is for you. The smooth rubber inlay of the TWIST uni connector protects your bottles against scratches and helps hold the bottle in place. The Fidlock TWIST uni connector is the latest release from Fidlock to add fun and convenience for all cyclists.

EAN: 4251207400582

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Item Condition: New

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