GNS 1000 MFI GPS BT Receiver for iPod, iPhone and iPad

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With the new GNS 1000 presents the GNS GmbH the second a high sensitive Bluetooth-GPS Receiver, which provides both Apples iPhone, iPod touch and iPad as well as other handheld devices (PDA, notebook) with accurate position information. While the GNS 1000 offers a valuable addition to the navigation functionality for the iPod touch (from 2G on), it supplies a optimized GPS reception for the iPhone (from 3G[S]on) even under difficult signal conditions. The full compatibility of the GNS 1000 with the Apple products is confirmed through the "Made for iPod / iPone / iPad" quality seal. Equipped with one of the newest high sensitive 66-chanel WAAS/EGNOS enabled GPS Chip and the Bluetooth connection it enables an excellent GPS reception. Hence the GNS / GNS 1000 is the perfect complement to your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. The GNS 1000 supports not only the mentioned Apple products but also the operation with NMEA-based PDAs, smart phones or other portable devices. The recognition of the respective partner device is carried out completely automatically. The GNS 1000 offers a flexibel range of applications in cars, motorhomes, motorcylcles, bikes or even on foot. high sensitive 66-channel WAAS/EGNOS enabled GPS chip NMEA protocol SPP, 57.600 baud or iPhone protocol (from iOS 3.0.1 on) certified Bluetooth transceiver using Serial Port Profile (SPP) ideal for all Bluetooth activated devices (PDA /Mobile/ Notebook /tablet-PC/ car-Pc and others) physically switch for power on/off stylish design - small and ultra flat box (79.1 * 45.3 * 11.3 mm) embedded Li-Ion battery , battery operating time >10 hrs
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