Go-In! Pebble Grain Leather Golf Belt Series for Men - Nexbelt Ratchet System Technology

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Product Description

Nexbelt Story

Our company is seven years old and is one of the originators of the ratchet belt in the USA. We didn’t invent the ratchet system, we re-engineered it and made it better. The technology has been around for 25 years and is very popular in Asia And that’s where one of the founders of Nexbelt, Eddie discovered it. He brought it back to his business partner Tom and discussed what could be done better. The first thing we did was to upgrade the leather – something most companies don’t do today. We utilized the existing mechanism but designed a buckle to resemble a pin buckle – and a golf buckle that had a hidden ball marker behind the face - which we received US patents for.

Us vs. Them

One significant difference between our company and others is that we design and build our own tools & molds. We don’t take a pre-existing mold and slap our logo on it. We’ve made the time and money to design and engineer something that is unique and better – that represents our design and engineering philosophy. We strive to be different to be the best.

Go-In! Pebble Grain Golf Belt Series

  • We have eliminated pins as mounting points and replaced them with stainless steel hex-head screws,
  • Best for the person who wants colors in their lives as well as everyday golf or office wear
  • Nylon Zipper inside to make belt super strong

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"The PreciseFit makes it the most comfortable belt - which is important to me on the course" - Jim Furyk, Golfer


"You will find this golf belt so comfortable and stylish that you will wear it even when you're not golfing. With a variety of styles, versatile Nexbelts can complete each outfit, from khakis on the course, denims for out on the town and even boardroom attire." - New England Golf Monthly Magazine


"Finally a golf belt that's as advanced as the equipment you use. Flip down the buckle and a hidden ball marker is revealed for use on the green!" - FORE Georgia Magazine

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Nexbelt's high-performance exclusive nylon backing with red plastic zipper strip of teeth!

Why not make your next belt, a Nexbelt?

We will continue to innovate and push design boundaries. Whatever your passion – be it golf, firearms or just dressing well, we offer the most exciting line of belts on the market today.

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Ultra Strength & Durability

  • Nexbelt has redesigned the red plastic zipper to outperform and outlast every belt on the market.
  • The material and construction are the best money can buy because they’re a crucial link to the belt's performance.
  • We color them red to show they are exclusive to Nexbelt, and are not the typical inexpensive black plastic strips.

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  • 100% Leather
  • HIDDEN BALL MARKER IN BUCKLE - For the person who wants colors in their lives, our new textured belt with contrast stitching will add a touch of individuality to their wardrobe. The black pebble grain textured leather gives a stylish touch when on the front nine, or in the office.
  • BUILT FOR ULTRA DURABILITY – Our patent pending buckles are the only ones on the market that use stainless steel screws instead of pins, like competitors. The screws allow for ultra-durability and use of the product. We also enhanced the strength of the clasp by using set screws as a secondary protection to ensure the strap does not slip out.
  • PRECISEFIT RATCHET TECH SIZING - Fits up to 45" waist. Buckle size is 1 5/8” x 2 5/16", with a Belt strap width of 1 3/8", and flips open to reveal a hidden ball marker. Nylon high-strength backing, with notorious red zipper, allows for adjustments within an inch for that custom tailored fit.
  • ONE OF THE ORIGINATORS - Part of the revolution of the ratchet system technology in the USA! We have re-engineered the style, with our own special designed tools and & molds, to make it better with upgrades to premium quality leather, something most companies don’t do today.
  • NO WORRIES WITH US - If you are not 100% satisfied with an item, you may return it within 30 days of receipt for a full refund of the product price using your original payment method. Orders from Nexbelt come with a velvet travel bag.