Granger's Down Wash/The Ultimate High Performance Cleaner for All Down Filled Outerwear & Sleeping Bags / 10 oz/Made in England

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Size:One Size

Having a tough time washing down-filled items? Down/synthetic-filled items are tough to wash and clean. Regular household detergents only worsen things by leaving chemical residue all over the item, reducing the loft and rendering the item pretty much Useless. That's why, we've developed our very own proprietary down wash formula, grangers down wash, that can thoroughly clean down-filled clothes or items. Tough on dirt, gentle on down with its active dirt removal formula, it removes all dirt, dust and grime in just one wash cycle (at temperatures as low as 86F), while being gentle on down. Restores down loft. Loft is the heat retention capacity of down/synthetic filled items. Grangers down wash preserves and restores the loft of down filled items. Maintains Hydrophobicity and breathability This is a specialist base wash plus Down cleaner, meaning it maintains the natural oils and breathability of down, keeping washables fully functional, even after repeated washing. It doesn't add optical brighteners or scent and you can also easily use it as a perfectly suitable pre-wash before you use grangers performance Repel plus waterproofing spray on down items. Which items to use on? Down jackets down comforters/Quilts, synthetic outerwear down-filled sleeping bags down jackets. Being certified by bluesign (unlike many competitors, like nikwax down wash direct), our down wash is an efficient and smart choice.
grangers is perfect for cleaning; Patagonia, the North face, Carhartt, Burton, Columbia,, Canada Goose, mountain Hardwar, marmot, mammut, Eddie Bauer, allows bean, Helly Hansen, stio, Black diamond, montbell, fjallraven and arc'teryx outerwear.

  • Recommended by World leading Outerwear Companies / Granger's Made in England Since 1937
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE, STRONG & SUPERIOR – Granger’s Down Wash Cleaner protects down filled technical outerwear & effectively cleans all dirt, grime & residual matter
  • REMOVES ODOR –It is itself odorless & removes any & every musty/unpleasant odor from down /synthetic-filled items in a single wash cycle
  • Adds NO scent or optical brighteners...Great for Hunters!
  • Water-based, Fluorocarbon / VOC free and Bluesign Certified Environmentally Friendly

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