Hallo Sapa Icelandic Kelp Bath/Shower Soap, Kalastyle, 1- bar, 4.3 oz

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Size: 4.3 oz

Fresh Icelandic Kelp, Now as a Soap

This Icelandic Sea Kelp is a type of seaweed that grows naturally in the pure, unpolluted sea waters of Iceland. Most kelp have an effective ability to absorb minerals from the sea and to naturally help rejuvenate and nurture the skin’s complexion. It does so by retaining precious moisture. From the benefits of the sea, now can be applied to the user’s skin. 

  • NATURALLY MADE – Constructed from wild, hand-harvested Icelandic Sea Kelp, soothing Litsea Fruit Oil, and from their sustainable soap base; cruelty free
  • MADE FOR ALL – Soap is compatible for all skin types, for those seeking balanced skin care
  • HEALTHY FOR SKIN – Hydrates skin’s complexion, soap originates from safe and fresh Icelandic sea waters
  • SMELL OF EARTHY SWEETNESS – Offers crisp, cool, and clean Icelandic aroma