Henderson 7/5mm Aqua Lock Bib Hood - X-Large - For Scuba and Tech Diving

Henderson 7/5mm Aqua Lock Bib Hood - X-Large - For Scuba and Tech Diving

  • 10995

Brand: Henderson

Color: Black


  • Rated for water 40 degrees and up
  • 100% Stretch Neoprene with Aquasilk Laminate
  • Sealed & liquid taped seams keep cold water out while adding durability
  • Poly Fleece Lining & Wrist Seals
  • Watertight Integration with AquaLock Wetsuits

Details: Henderson's AquaLock wetsuit system is a collection of wetsuit pieces that interlock to form an impenetrable seal against cold water. All AquaLock full suits have revolutionary wrist, ankle, and neck openings that mate together with AquaLock series boots, gloves, and hoods to ensure a flush-free diving experience. All Aqua Lock wetsuits and accessories are built with the finest AquaSilk neoprene laminate which is extremely soft to the touch and very flexible in the water. One of the most notable visual features on the suit is the liquid taped AquaLock seams. Every seam on the suit is sealed inside and out, then coated with a waterproof liquid tape that prevents water entry while ruggedizing the seam. The interior jersey is lined with a golden microfleece lining which wicks moisture from the skin while retaining precious body heat. This is the top-notch wetsuit system that you've been looking for! The 7/5mm AquaLock Bibbed Hood is extended for additional coverage and a secure fit. The outer portion of the bib features 3 silicone o-ring seals which are designed to mate to the inside of any AquaLock full suit. A revolutionary one-way flow vent purge valve vents regulator exhaust away from the hood while preventing cold water entry. This design is a Henderson exclusive and not available on any other hood. 1yr Warranty

UPC: 749819551166

EAN: 0749819551166

Item Condition: New

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