Viking Solutions High Tail Easy Field-Dress Assistant

  • 3999

The High Tail from Viking Solutions is a lightweight, fold-up, V-shaped cradle that provides a handy "nest" for the rear-end of an animal. It also provides a means to secure both rear legs to avoid the hunter having to hold them out of the way. It is multi-purpose because this product 1) gets the animal's posterior off the ground, 2) stabilizes it for cutting, 3) provides containment to secure the rear legs. It's been proven that with the High Tail device a deer can be "gutted" in the field by a single person in less than 8 minutes, including setting it up. Small, portable and back-packable. Light weight, quick and easy to assemble. Strong and durable support with quality engineering for years of trouble free use.

  • Field dress your deer by yourself in just minutes!
  • Keeps the rear off the ground.
  • Sets up in seconds.
  • Secure, easy one-person job.
  • Folds to fit into included canvas carry bag.

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