Incrediwear Ankle Sleeve, Black, S/M

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Since 2009, Incrediwear has strived to revolutionize the Health & Fitness Industry with products that increase circulation to reduce inflammation, relieve pain, optimize performance, and accelerate recovery. Unlike compression products, Incrediwear products do not need to compress to work. Instead, our technology incorporates semiconductor elements within our fabric, which when stimulated by body heat, release negative ions. The negative ions activate molecular vibrations that increase blood flow and speed. Increasing circulation helps bring more oxygen and nutrients to the target area, which optimizes the body’s natural healing process and accelerates recovery.

Benefits of Increased Blood Circulation Include:

  • Accelerated Recovery
  • Reduced Swelling
  • Optimized Performance
  • Reduced Fatigue
  • Thermoregulation

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Surviving Breast Cancer Is A Lifelong Journey

Incrediwear is proud to support efforts to improve the lives of breast cancer survivors by contributing a portion of our October online sales to the Celebration Foundation, and by continuing to develop Incrediwear products that relieve the symptoms associated with lymphedema.

Stretches To Help You Relieve Stress & Pain

Using Incrediwear during or after each regimen accelerates your recovery time and keeps your muscles from getting sore, especially if you are just starting out or have just recovered from an injury. Don’t allow fatigued muscles or injury keep you from living happy, healthy, and active.

Accelerate Your Muscle Recovery For Your Active & Healthy Lifestyle

Drink plenty of water during intense exercise or every day activities. Making sure you’re well hydrated keeps muscles from reaching exhaustion, which leads to slower recovery and can lead to injury during activity.

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  • ANTI-INFLAMMATORY: Incrediwear Circulation Socks relieve pain and discomfort for those suffering from poor circulatory conditions.
  • MATERIAL: Incrediwear's wearable inflammatory therapy signature fabric blend is embedded with semiconductor elements to increase blood flow and help accelerate recovery. The non-binding loose weave design allows for a form-fitting feel without the discomfort of a compression sock.
  • RECOVERY: Incrediwear's Circulation Socks are non-binding for swollen feet and alleviate symptoms associated with: Neuropathy, Plantar Fasciitis, Vascular Conditions, and Cold feet.
  • RELIEF: Incrediwear Circulation Socks help relieve aches and fatigue when spending long hours on your feet or participating in multipurpose activities such as golf, tennis, hiking and personal fitness routines.
  • SIZING: Based on shoe size – (S) MEN 4-6.5 or WOMEN 5-7.5 or EUR 35-38, (M) MEN 7-9.5 or WOMEN 8-10.5 or EUR 39-42, (L) MEN 10-12.5 or WOMEN 11-13.5 or EUR 43-46, (XL) MEN 13-15.5 or WOMEN 14-16.5 or EUR 47-49.