Incrediwear Elbow Sleeve, Grey

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Brand: Incrediwear

Color: Grey


  • ANTI-INFLAMMATORY: Incrediwear's wearable anti-inflammatory therapy signature fabric blend is embedded with semiconductor elements to increase blood flow to help accelerate recovery.
  • MATERIAL: Optimizes the natural healing process, relieves pain, and restores mobility. 3D weave form-fitting fabric, breathable and moisture wicking for effortless comfort.
  • RECOVERY: Incrediwear's Elbow Sleeve accelerates recovery and relieves pain for those suffering from acute or chronic joint injuries and conditions. Alleviate symptoms associated with: Sprains, Tendonitis, Bursitis, Ligament injuries.
  • PERFORMANCE: Ideal for high performance training, sports & exercise, Incrediwear's body sleeves are worn by competitive and recreational athletes during and after activity to optimize performance and help prevent potential injury.
  • SIZING: Measure circumference of your bicep (package contains one sleeve) - (S/M) 9-14" or 25-35cm, (L) 14-20" or 35-51cm.

Publisher: Incrediwear

Details: Incrediwear Elbow/Shin Brace are made with a special material that cannot be washed out. This material, when heated by the body, releases infrared anions (negatively charged, there are no electric shocks). The anions vibrate tissue and create an increase in blood flow.

Package Dimensions: 1.0 x 1.0 x 1.0 inches

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