Insider Bat Baseball Softball Batting Swing Trainer Hitting Training Aid Tool Device

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Brand: Insider Bat


  • USED BY COACHES AND ATHLETES EVERYWHERE - The Insider Bat is an essential piece of equipment for players at every level. From major leagues, to little league, The Insider Bat reinforces the total swing for all skill levels.
  • MUSCLE MEMORY TRAINING TOOL - Once a player starts hitting correctly, they won't ever forget. Bat grip and perfect contact with the ball become second nature with the Insider Bat.
  • PROVIDES INSTANT FEEDBACK - With the Insider Bat, you can only hit the ball one way - the correct way. Refine technique by instantly seeing what is wrong with a swing and correcting it.
  • FOR YOUTH PLAYERS AND PRO TRAINERS - For all ages and skill levels, baseball and softball, from little league to the big leagues. Teach a basic swing, or refine a strong one, the Insider Bat does it all.
  • COACH'S BEST PRACTICE AID - Keep on hand to fix common problems like rolling the wrist, lack of extension, and casting/sweeping. See more line drives and base hits while perfecting hitting position.

Publisher: Insider Bat

Details: The Insider Bat is a revolutionary baseball/softball muscle memory training tool that promotes proper grip, swing path, and hand placement. The unique design allows for only one way to make contact with the ball...the CORRECT way! The Insider Bat will: Emphasize palm up/palm down hand positioning and "staying inside the ball" Promote proper hip rotation Force hands in front of bat head during swing Promote tucking of back elbow into "slot" & more! A hitter of any age or ability, does not need to know the "physics" of a swing, they simply need to swing the bat correctly. That is why the Insider Bat was created.

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