Jac Zagoory Beta Inkless "Go To Pen" Key Ring

Jac Zagoory Beta Inkless "Go To Pen" Key Ring

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Color: Silver


  • I usually have at least three pens on me, but today, while I was walking through the green market on Union Square (directly in front of our offices. You are always welcome to check out our Desk Art in person.)
  • Then, a bolt of lighting struck when I realized I had the Inkless key chain pen
  • I have never used it---on my key ring, which saved me, especially since no client is in the mood to have you call back for a cc number when they're busy making money
  • Needless to say, I now realize the value of the Inkless Key Chain pen

Publisher: Axel


The Jac Zagoory Beta Inkless "Go To Pen" Key Ring. One of the greatest innovators in pen and desktop stationery, Jac Zagoory, has released a productive that is just as useful as it is unusual. For most people, carrying around a pen all day is more trouble than it is actually worth. Having to deal with ink leakage, the tip breaking and finding a place to put it, many people would rather just go without one.

Zac Zagoory provides the perfect solution to this dilemma: an inkless keychain pen. Instead of having a find a pocket to put your pens, this pen ring can be connected to a number of objects: a belt buckle, a backpack, a suitcase, a purse, etc. The fear of your pen leaking is also distilled with this pricelessly clever invention. The pen has no ink so there is no chance of smudges or your items getting ruined from spilled ink.

  • Has a removable cap.
  • Genuine Jac Zagoory product.
  • Contains no ink.
  • Is a keychain


  • Genuine Product from Jac Zagoory. Buy from Authorized Major dealer Only, with confidence.
  • Brand New Product. Guaranteed for quality.

Package Dimensions: 3.7 x 3.7 x 1.0 inches

Item Condition: New

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