JDC SkyWatch GEOS 11 Hand Held Portable

JDC SkyWatch GEOS 11 Hand Held Portable

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Brand: JDC

Color: Black


  • Wind Speed,Wind Direction (Electronic Compass)
  • Ambient Temperature,Relative Humidity,Barometric Air Pressure
  • Altitude,Electronic Compass- analogical and digital,Three Data Recording Modes- via integrated flash card memory
  • PC Computer Download- optional contactless adapter and software plus real-time data viewing
  • Bright LED Light- operates on separate battery,Replaceable Ball Impeller- rotates to protect impeller blades

Publisher: JDC Electronic

Details: The SKYWATCH GEOS is the most precise hand held instrument available. Designed for the demands of professionals in many areas, the GEOS offers high performance environmental measurements at an affordable price. It uses only industry quality components to exactly measure all data. A huge internal memory stores 24,400 sets of records programmable to record at any interval, accessible on the GEOS 11 or via an optional PC interface. WHAT SEPARATES GEOS? Altimeter accuracy :: as accurate as instruments five times the cost (real world independant results show +/- 3 feet point-to-point) Real-time and historical data from optional sofware/PC interface Unsurpassed data storage :: 24,400 data sets (a data set includes ALL measurements) Customized data storage intervals, including storing data when the unit is OFF, ON, or both Solid Swiss construction :: full metal case, mineral glass screen, virtually indestructible Built-in LED lamp :: Powered by separate batteries Industry-best hygrometer for accurate humidity readings Replaceable impeller, protected sensors With features never before found on a handheld weather instrument, the GEOS 11 is designed for the demanding needs of many markets: Agriculture; control of wind speed and direction before using sprayed chemicals. Agri-foodstuff; control of storage environment (temperature, humidity). Automobile; high-performance engine mechanics (density altitude). Cave Exploration: Measure depths of caves. Our GEOS 11 will be used in an attempt of a US team to defeat the world record for the deepest cave exploration. Aviation; reading of the Flight Level, height, finesse, pressure, altitude, altitude variation, etc.. Rappelling; check the height when rappelling down. HVAC; air flows and temperature measurements. Sporting events; control of weather conditions during meetings, contest validation. Trekkin

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