Lite'n up 90 Reusable Cigarette Filter - 1 Ea

Lite'n up 90 Reusable Cigarette Filter - 1 Ea

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The Lite'n Up patented system is designed to reduce the harmful effects of smoking without losing taste or satisfaction. Now, enjoy your favor cigarette while you cut back you intake of tars and nicotine by 90%. The Lite'n Up filter works two ways to trap and dilute harmful tars and nicotine before they can ever reach you.

Lite'n Up 90 is part of the One Step at a Time Nicotine Addiction Withdrawal System. One Step at a Time consists of four filters, each to be used 7 to 14 days. Progress from Lite'n Up 25 to Lite'n Up 50, Lite'n Up 70, and Lite'n Up 90 as you reduce your dependence upon nicotine.

  • Reduce tar and nicotine by 90%
  • Reusable. Just clean after every 5-10 cigarettes
  • Simple to clean with a cotton swab or twisted tissue