Loyal Subjects Masters of the Universe Blindbox Standard

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Who’s your favorite character from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe? Did you like the mace-wielding Man-At-Arms? Were you more of a Team Teela kind of person? Maybe you liked Stratos because he could fly! Wait, were you one of those kids that watched the show and actively cheered for Skeletor and his crew of evil baddies? Don’t worry; you’re among friends and this Loyal Subjects Blind Box series has a little something for any He-Man fan. This Masters of the Universe blind box series gives you a shot at various figures from the original cartoon series. Of course, you have a chance at getting He-Man and Teela. You also have chances to get Skeletor, Beast Man, Tri Klops and tons more! The only way you’ll know which one you’re going to get is to open it! Go ahead and collect the whole set to have some epic battles between The Masters of the Universe and the bad guys! - Vinyl Figure

  • Size: Standard
  • Masters of the Universe Blindbox Figures
  • Vinyl figures are approximately 3" tall
  • Figure stands by itself
  • Blindbox has 1 of the 8 potential figures, 3 rare Chase Edition figures are possible too!