MaxStone - Pink Smart Camera Remote

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MaxStone is a wireless remote that connects with the free MaxStone App to allow users combine the ease of operation of their smartphones with the high quality photography of their DSLR cameras. Control your camera's shutter, time-lapse, bulb, and video functions easily through a smartphone. Apart from controlling cameras, the remote and App also function as an anti-loss smart alarm, weather station, and even as a remote for taking selfies with your smartphone. Little over the size of a coin, it's stylish design is convenient to carry and requires no additional cables, adaptors or accessories. MaxStone will not increase the power consumption of your camera, and the remote's changeable battery will last 6 months to a year. The MaxStone is a must have accessory for photographers and travelers alike. *MaxStone is only compatible with DSLR cameras that have an IR receiver, please check our company website ( for a full list of compatible cameras, smartphones and tablets.

  • Wireless remote for a DSLR camera - control time-lapse, bulb, video, and more. Compatible with most cameras that have an IR receiver. For a full list of compatible cameras visit our website
  • Control the camera and video mode of your smartphone camera. Perfect for taking selfies and group shots.
  • Barometric sensor for weather forecasting. The weather station page of the free MaxStone App tells the temperature, altitude, the times of the rising and setting of the sun and moon, and more.
  • Anti-loss smart alarm - find any items the MaxStone is tied to through your smartphone. Tie the MaxStone to your camera bag, luggage, car keys, or even your pet. An alarm will sound on your phone once they go out of range.
  • Low power consumption. A single CR2032 battery can last from 6 months to 300 days depending on usage.