MaxStone Smart Wireless Camera Remote, Phone Camera Controller, and Object Locator (Compatible with iOS) - White

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MaxStone Wireless Camera Remote for DSLR Cameras

A wireless remote that lets you control your DSLR camera through your iPhone (smartphone) + much more! Let's iPhone your Camera!
People really obsess with DSLR cameras' photo-quality, but much prefer the intuitive and convenient screen and the operation of an iPhone.
To fill the gap, we have created the low energy consuming MaxStone. It is so small and simple that even no cable or wire is needed and one battery can last for nearly a year, which means you can take and use it at any time, any place as you wish.

MaxStone’s wireless remote control controls your cameras, it’s a good tool for time-lapse photography, and even a remote control for video.

What can MaxStone Do?
• Firstly, it can wirelessly trigger your camera from up to 100 feet away. Your smartphone will conntect to the MaxStone using Bluetooth, and the Maxstone uses your camera's IR sensor to trigger it.

• Secondly, it enables your camera to take automatic time-lapsed photos, bulb, and micro-video. You can set custom time lapse intervals (between 1 second and 24 hours) and even customize the exposure time. After you program the MaxStone, even if it loses the connection to your phone it still carries out it's programing to continue operating.

• Thirdly, you can use the button on the MaxStone to control your smartphone's camera, making it great for taking set-up shots and selfies with your phone.

• Lastly, you can use it as an anti-loss device. You can use the MaxStone smartphone app to locate your MaxStone and whatever it's tied to. You can make the MaxStone play a loud sound that will help you locate it through it's app. If you get too far from the MaxStone, it even records the time and position you were last closest to it.

  • WIRELESS CAMERA CONTROL: Wireless remote for a DSLR camera - control time-lapse, bulb, video, and more. Compatible with most cameras that have an IR receiver (Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax, Olympus, Samsung, Minolta)
  • IMPROVE IMAGE QUALITY: You're probably wondering how a wireless camera remote could improve image quality, but the truth is that shutter release remotes eliminate the vibration caused by a button press on the camera. This increase image clarity by allowing the camera to capture an image while it's perfectly still.
  • SMART SENSING: Barometric sensor for weather forecasting. The weather station page of the free MaxStone App tells the temperature, altitude, the times of the rising and setting of the sun and moon, and more.
  • NEVER LOSE IT: The MaxStone Wireless Camera Remote features an anti-loss smart alarm. This means that you can find any item your MaxStone is tied to using your smartphone. Tie the MaxStone to your camera bag, luggage, car keys, or even your pet. An alarm will sound on your phone once they go out of range.
  • LASTS LONG: This camera remote features low power consumption. All you need is a single CR2032 battery, and that will last you between 6 months to 300 days depending on usage.