Memory Foam Sound Therapy Pillow

Memory Foam Sound Therapy Pillow

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The Queen size Memory Foam Sound Therapy Pillow helps you relax and fall asleep two ways. First, it’s made of high-tech memory foam to cradle and support your head, neck and shoulders for unsurpassed comfort. Then, a self-contained MP3 player and speaker provide "Binaural Beats" meditation tones to ease your mind and reduce stress. You can even connect it to a computer via USB and upload your own MP3 files. Features one-button operation, optional 30-minute shutoff timer, headphone jack and a soft, washable 100% cotton cover that makes the internal wiring virtually undetectable.

  • 100 % Cotton
  • Imported
  • Queen size pillow
  • Made of high-quality memory foam
  • Built-in stereo MP3 player and speaker
  • Comes pre-loaded with “Binaural Beats” meditation sounds (two tones played at slightly different frequencies to help ease your mind)