Nexbelt Colour Series Belt Golf Adjustable Ratcheting System Precise Fit

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Nexbelt, the belt with no holes, is the new innovative belt worn by PGA Tour players like Kevin Na. Our belts allow adjustments in 1/4 inch increments versus 1 of traditional belts without the need for unsightly holes. We call this our PerciseFit system and it will allow the wearer the most comfortable perfect fit ever.

Our innovative one-size-fits-most makes it easy to give Nexbelt as a gift because our sizing system allows the person to cut to their waist size with regular scissors.

Another convenient feature is our buckles in our Go-In Golf Series have a face that flips down to reveal a hidden marker. No more fumbling through pockets looking for the marker. Fits up to 45"

  • Stiff strap to take on the extra weight of a gun fits up to 50” waist
  • Strap backing is made of nylon to resist sweat from penetrating the outer belt surface
  • Stainless hex screws holds the buckle together replacing pins – industry first
  • Buckle clasp has set screws for extra secure hold
  • Buckle size 1 5/8” x 2 5/16” – Belt strap width is 1 3/8”

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