Nexbelt Ratchet Technology EDC Titan Dark Brown PreciseFit Nylon Gun Belt for Concealed Carry Unisex, Large

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Brand: Nexbelt

Color: Dark Brown

Details: Nexbelt Titan Mens EDC Tactical Gun Belt Series Ratchet System Cut Yours To Size Buckle: * Granite Brown - Powder coated textured for better wear resistance * The buckle has Allen head stainless steel screws replacing the pins for a stronger buckle * The clasp body has been lengthened and a new larger clasp with 2 set screws gives a secure hold with extra security * A smaller more powerful magnet is used allowing the mechanism to be smaller * Buckle size 1 7/8 x 3 Strap * Our new nylon straps are stiffer and are made from a super-high density microfiber material that is an advanced composite of ultra-fine polyester fibers; this allows the stiffness required for holstering your sidearm if you have CCW permit or just your everyday tools. * Backing is sweat resistant * Strap thickness near 3/16" * Strap width is 1 1/2" * This is a one size fits all gun belt, cut it to your individual size. * Make sure you follow the guide in cutting it to the right length and leave some room on your first cut.

UPC: 811685023273

EAN: 0811685023273

Item Condition: New