Peak Design Capture Camera Clip PEAKCAMCLIP

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The Capture Camera Clip System is a new way for active photographers to carry their camera - by rigidly clipping it to any strap or belt on your existing gear. The product consists of a compact, ultralight aluminum "chassis" that securely clamps down onto your belt, backpack strap, messenger bag strap, climbing harness, life vest, or other garments you already own. A small aluminum "camera connection plate" screws into the tripod mount on your camera. The plate allows your camera to slide and lock into the chassis, letting you securely carry your bulky SLR camera with ease. Furthermore, Capture keeps your camera readily accessible with it's "quick release lock." With the press of a button, you can slide your camera out of the chassis, snap a photo, and click it back into place. Whether you're hiking, biking, skiing, climbing mountains, or just snapping pictures at a family gathering, the versatility of Capture will revolutionize the way you transport and handle your camera.

  • Holds ANY camera, from bulky SLRs with heavy lenses to smaller point and shoot cameras.
  • Attaches to ANY strap or belt (up to 3 inches wide), eliminating the need to wear additional holsters, vests or neck straps.
  • Holds your camera securely in place, but keeps it accessible with the click of a button.
  • Holds your camera rigidly against your body, preventing it from bouncing or swaying during physical activity.
  • Compatible with all Arca-Swiss Classic style tripod heads.