PKS Kiteboarding Travel Kite Compression Bag

  • 4445
  • Save $ 250

Brand: PKS


  • Compact
  • Reinforced Compression Straps
  • Lightweight

Publisher: PKS

Details: The PKS Compression bag is large enough to fit most kites, including your gigantic light wind kite. Like the Dakine compression bag, this bag weighs less than the standard kite backpack to provide protection for your kite during travel while reducing weight. Unlike the Dakine bag, the PKS Compression Bag has reinforced compression straps that no longer stress the material, but instead are sewn through the bag all the way around. You get a better compression with no chance of ripping the bag open. Everybody wins with the PKS Compression Bag.

UPC: 742567642841

EAN: 742567642841

Item Condition: New

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