Skywatch Xplorer 3 Electronics Weather

Skywatch Xplorer 3 Electronics Weather

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JDC\'s SKYWATCH Xplorer series was launched in 2004, and has proven to be the most exciting line of windmeters yet! Packed with features essential to monitoring the environment, the Xplorer series breaks price barriers and is simple to use.

Designed for consumer and professional use, the Xplorer does not include complicated and seldom-used features such as downloading and storing. Press one button, and instant readings are at your fingertips. Designed in Switzerland and built to our demanding specifications, the SKYWATCH Xplorer series is engineered to provide a lifetime of accurate and dependable use.

Skywatch Xplorer Series Measure:
Wind Speed - current, maximum
Wind Direction - electronic compass (Xplorers 3 & 4)
Ambient Temperature - current, windchill, maximum, minimum, water (Xplorers 2, 3, 4)



All Xplorers
Balanced impeller is integrated into wind meter
The impeller is magnetized, producing a magnetic field when rotating which is measured internally
Damage to the impeller is unlikely due to the small opening, but repair can be performed


Xplorers 2, 3, 4
Internal thermometer is attached to the stainless steel back
Temperature adjusts quickly, although drastic temperature changes may require several minutes for accuracy
Temperature is read quickly by touching the back to an object of the same temperature
Water temperature is read quickly by submerging the unit briefly


Xplorer 3 and 4
Designed to be used in vertical position
Will display windspeed and compass simultaneously
Electronic calibration before use ensures absolute precision (easy process)
Calibration is essential for proper use
Accurate wind direction can be found in this way - we introduced this feature in 2004.

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