Slingshot 2017-18 Compstick w/Sentinel Control Bar 23" x27m for Kiteboard, 17383023, Slingshot Compstick w/Sentinel Control Bar, Kiteboarding Control Bar 23" x27m

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Brand: Slingshot Sports


  • SLINGSHOT 2017-18 Compstick w/ Sentinel Control Bar 23"x27m for Kiteboard, #17383023, SlingShot Compstick w/ Sentinel Control Bar, Kiteboarding Control Bar 23"x27m, 17383023
  • offered in three sizes: 17”x20m, 20”x23m-- 20” bar w/ 23m lines for any kite size in Slingshot Lineup, a 17” bar w/ 20m lines for smaller kites, & 23” bar w/ 27m lines for larger kites
  • Streamline above-the-bar depower, Below-the-bar swivel keeps lines untwisted, Bomber Slingshot construction
  • Features the strongest and longest lasting lines available, Huge depower, maximum throw, easy-reach depower, Low-profile, Easy, reliable safety release
  • Hard Core Sports - Best Prices - Best Customer Service

Details: SLINGSHOT 2017-18 Compstick w/ Sentinel 23"x27m Control Bar for Kiteboard, #17383023; The Sentinel system is designed for riders who like the Compstick’s simplistic and rugged design but prefer an above-the-bar location of the depower rope. The Sentinel features an above-the-bar trim cleat, a swiveling safety mechanism below the bar and all the other features that have made the Compstick Sentinel the trusted choice for riders around the world, year after year. For 2017-18, we’ve given the Compstick a fresh new visual presence and have carried over improvements to the floats, grips, redesigned bar ends and safety leash.

Binding: Sports

Item Condition: New

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