SnagMag Concealed Magazine Right Hand Shooter Holster

  • 3495

The Snagmag and it carries your spare magazine as you would a folding pocket knife.

In fact, from the outside it looks just like a folding knife....which is what makes this item so interesting! It's designed to "snag" on your the inside of your pocket as you pull the magazine out of you pocket so you can reload fast and with confidence.

It available for Glock magazines, of course, as well as 1911 and several others.

PLEASE NOTE: The firearm should be held in your strong hand, so this magazine pouch is designed to fit on the opposite side to allow for off-hand loading.

The right handed version of this product is designed to be worn in the shooters left pocket.

  • This is ideal for concealed carry situations as it does not draw attention to the fact that you are carrying a magazine
  • Right Hand Shooter

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