Stayzin Storage Bags (10 Pack)

Stayzin Storage Bags (10 Pack)

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Use StayzIn Bags to keep unpleasant odors in their place. Stayzin Bags have a exclusive patented aluminum technology feature that is the secret to keeping all foul odors locked in. They come in a perfect sizes for moments like when the little ones provide you with yet another soiled diaper. At home or away you have an easy to reach for solution giving you complete confidence that no odor will escape. Give your nose a hand with Stayzin Bags. Food - Sandwiches, Cookies, fruit, veggies, Herbs & Spices, Chips Travel - Soiled diapers, fish bait, cigars, candy, dirty socks after the gym! Pet clean up, tools, parts, underwear, Make-Up, Disposal of maxi pads & tampons

  • Stayzin Storage Bags (10 Pack) by Stayzin
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