The Edgemaker Pro Knife Sharpener (Model 331)

  • 1545
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  • EDGEMAKER PROFESSIONAL SHARPENING TOOL 331 - allows you to both hone and sharpen the toughest of knives. This handheld sharpener works on wavy and serrated knives too

Details: The Edgemaker Knife Sharpener sharpens most any edge. It removes little metal and is safe & easy to use. It sharpens knives in less than one minute, touches up your knives in seconds and gives you a professional edge every time. The Edgemaker Knife Sharpener is unsurpassed on serrated, wavy and electric knives and its handle is made of unbreakable, high impact plastic. Its features honing steel rods & grooved sharpening steel rods, to ensure a sharper knife every time.

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