Tune Up Fitness Stretch Strap, Great for Flexibility, Increased Mobility, Range of Motion, Injury Prevention and a Must for Runners, Cyclists, Yogi's and Athletes

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  • The DOUBLE LOOP STRETCH STRAP is a unique 6' double-looped stretch strap that provides support for both static and dynamic stretches to help improve flexibility and go deeper into your stretch.
  • IMPROVED FLEXIBILITY & RANGE OF MOTION: Not only does this strap help support many classic stretches, it also introduces more effective dynamic stretches to your exercise routine. This will help to improve both your flexibility and your range of motion which in turn will assist with injury prevention.
  • ALLEVIATE STRESS & TENSION: Deep stretches help stimulate blood flow and create a feeling of relaxation. With regular stretching and mobility maintenance, you will help alleviate stress and tension throughout your body, along with improved posture and circulation and faster muscle recovery time.

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