Tune Up Fitness Treat While You Train 2 DVD Set with Jill Miller and Kelly Starrett, Self-Massage to Improve Mobility, Increase Athletic Performance, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy

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  • The TREAT WHILE YOU TRAIN 2 disk Instructional DVD set features Jill Miller and Dr. Kelly Starrett guiding you on self-treatment strategies using each of the Roll Model Therapy Balls. With a focus on Performance, Recovery and Injury Prevention, the techniques used on the DVD provide easy to apply prehab and rehab solutions for daily living, injury prevention and increased performance.
  • ON DEMAND PAIN RELIEF: Learn to treat yourself as Jill and Kelly take you through an in-depth educational tour to un-glue internal stiffness and promote slide and glide amongst all the soft tissue layers including skin, fascia, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and more!
  • IMPROVED MOBILITY & PERFORMANCE: Whether you are a runner, cyclist, CrossFitter, yoga enthusiast, frequent traveler or stay at home mom, you can benefit from improved mobility and performance with quicker muscles recovery times and injury prevention.
  • DVD SEGMENTS INCLUDE: Ball Techniques, Global Shear, Upper Torso, Shoulders & Chest, Elbows & Wrists, Lower Torso, Knee & it’s neighbors, Feet & Ankles, plus a myofascial educational demo!
  • PRODUCTS RECOMMENDED: This DVD incorporates the use of the original YTU Therapy Ball Pair, Therapy Ball PLUS Pair, ALPHA Ball & Coregeous Ball