Ulticlip 3

  • 1199

ULTICLIP 3+ provides the same great retention and concealment as found in the original Ulticlip. Ulticlip 3+ has a flat mounting area with 2 slots and 1 hole allowing for multiple mounting options. Verify if Ulticlip 3+ has the right mounting option for you by viewing mounting template. *Items other than the Ulticlip 3+ are shown for illustration purposes and sold separably.

  • Best option for belt-less carry - Ulticlip 3+ clamps down hard and secures to your waistband, pocket, vest or even inside your off-body carry bag without the need for a belt
  • The Ulticlip 3+ multi-hole mounting bracket allows it to used on holsters and sheaths with up to 1.70" holes spacing.
  • Smooth Operation and Corrosion Resistant - Military Grade Black Oxide Finish with Wax/Oil treatment work in tandem to protect the clip and provide a lifetime of operation
  • If your current holster clip requires only one screw or a retention slot, choose the Ulticlip
  • Note: No screws are included. Use the screws from the clip your replacing or purchase our 48 piece screw kit.

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