Uncharted Supply Company - 24Seven - Complete Kit

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Uncharted built the 24Seven with the same great 600D coated tarpaulin that made the Seventy2 famous.  Instead of a roll-top, the 24Seven utilizes a clam-shell design and waterproof zipper, allowing you quick and easy access inside.  Our CARD system transforms the 24Seven to your day. So whether you’re headed out for an overnight photo safari, a full day of classes or you're a professional who goes from the gym to work to dinner before returning home at night, The 24Seven is a perfect solution to protect your gear, and to protect you...


Once inside The 24Seven, a survival kit and color coordinated expert instructions are designed to get you through 24 hours of an emergency.  

Tucked away in it's own pocket, you won't even notice the survival kit is there - until you need it.  It includes a space blanket, water filter, air mask, first aid kit, glow sticks and matches.  All TSA approved and all ready at a moments notice, without compromising space inside your kit.

Designed for your day.

As you can see, the 24Seven features a series of CARDS. Buy one, or buy them all and customize the 24Seven to your life or your day.  

TECHCARD - For carrying laptop, tablet and accessories: The TECHCARD features 2 padded laptop sleeves, a padded document sleeve, and stretch zip pouch to carry cables, cards, and other accessories.

TRAVELCARD - For carrying clothing and travel supplies: The TRAVELCARD features two stretch mesh zip panels, perfectly sized to accept and protect folded shirts and pants, or pack them full of socks, underwear or any other clothing for a more efficient and compressed solution. More than enough room for a 2-3 day trip or weekend getaway.

DRYCARD - For carrying wet or soiled clothes, trash, etc: The DRYCARD is designed to store wet or dirty clothing without compromising the rest of your pack.  Made of waterproof material, it compresses down for storage inside the 24Seven and then attached outside using our LoopLock attachment system the bag providing additional capacity when needed. 

DOPPCARD - For carrying toiletries: The DOPPCARD is a perfectly sized kit for your toiletries.  Waterproof, and designed to fit perfectly in the top of your 24Seven, or on the outside via our attachment system, or, as a fanny pack for those quick on the go missions.  It measures 4"x6"x12" and features two waterproof zippered pouches to organize and separate your toiletries inside.  

CAMERACARD - For carrying photo gear: The CAMERACARD provides a secure, padded carrier designed to organize and protect fragile equipment in any environment. PE Foam panels help organize and brushed tricot fabric provides a luxurious home for your cameras and other electronics.  It measures 12"x12"x5" and also features a zippered mesh pocket on the cover for filters, cables, memory cards and other small pieces.

PETCARD - A complete kit for your pet: The PETCARD is a complete system designed to give your pet the protection it needs when you're on the go.  Collapsible water bowl, dry food bag and plenty of space for all of your pets supplies in a waterproof, zippered pouch that attaches internally.  The kit also includes Waste Bags, Leash, Mylar blanket, and dog toy.

Always Prepared.

The 24Seven is designed to be the bag you use everyday.  And with its integrated survival kit,  you'll always have the tools you need to navigate emergencies at hand.