Low Angle Adapter

Low Angle Adapter

  • 7500

Wicked Edge Low Angle Adapter is a clamp extension for a Wicked Edge sharpener which allows for angles as low as 10 degrees. 

The standard Vise Key and 1/8" Allen Wrench work to attach the adapter and operate the clamp.

The Low Angle Adapter is compatible with all Wicked Edge models with the exception of the Commercial Series Sharpener.


Length: 8 cm

Width: 3.2 cm

Height: 1.1 cm

Material: plastic

  • Lower Angles
  • Down to 10° with the Basic Kit and Pro-Pack I
  • Down to 8° with the Pro-Pack II
  • Mounts in the main clamp just like a knife
  • Uses the standard Wicked Edge keys to operate