Wine Slushie (Appleoosa) by Cagey Moon Co.

Wine Slushie (Appleoosa) by Cagey Moon Co.

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RED OR WHITE - Mixes with your favorite wine whether you like reds or whites. Or mix with juice for a non-alcoholic drink. There is no right or wrong answer! Cagey Moon Company's wine slushie mix does not contain any alcohol.;EASY DIRECTIONS: Combine one pouch with half a bottle of your favorite wine. Fill blender with ice and blend to your desired consistency. Serve and enjoy!;FOUR DELICIOUS FLAVORS: Choose from Berry Pomegranate, Peach Mango, Cranberry Raspberry and Appleoosa. Mix and match for your next party, tailgate gathering, barbecue or family get together.

  • Wine Slushie Mix - Add Flavor to Your Next Party, Picnic or Girls Night Out - Three Pouches of Frozen Wine Mix Per 12 Ounce Box -Make a Great Drink with Mix, Wine, Ice and a Blender By Cagey Moon Company (Appleoosa)