YMAT PRO Yoga/Workout Mat

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  • Travel size - 25 x 48 inches- Weighing just one pound, the travel mat is perfect for stretching, meditation or to strike a pose in a hotel room, bedroom floor, or outside. So compact, the mat fits easily folded on the bottom of a suitcase, or rolled and stashed in a purse or backpack. Included is the YMAT PRO our handsome black stretch Velcro band for transport. $44.95
  • Standard size- 25 x 75 inches- Is our full-size yoga mat at a fraction of the weight. Unlike other mats, at just two pounds, the YMAT can be folded or rolled and carried in a gym bag or large purse. Includes the YMAT PRO black stretch Velcro band for transport. $54.95

Details: The Yoga/Workout Mat you can fold or roll and stash or store in practically anything. So lightweight and compact, you'll want to take YMAT to yoga class, the gym, home, hotel, swimming pool and anywhere you want to stretch or strike a pose. Fits in a backpack, gym bag, diaper bag, overnite bag, pocketbook, gym locker or any bag. Includes our custom stretch Velcro strap.

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