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Olbas Aromatherapy Inhaler - Vapor Therapy

Olbas Aromatherapy Inhaler - Vapor Therapy

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Brand: Olbas


  • Rapid, Natural Relief: Breathe in relief the natural way with this potent blend of six pure essential oils; Helps you breathe by invigorating nasal passages
  • All-Season Use: Convenient, pocket-sized inhaler is great for year-round use, from the cold, low humid air in the winter to allergy discomfort in the spring
  • Pure Ingredients: Non-habit forming, rapid relief inhaler is made with only pure essential oils (no camphor); Delivers a refreshing sensation to the nasal, lungs and sinuses
  • Easy to Use: Offers a simple inhaler design that's easy to use anywhere; Adults simply take one or two inhalations in each nostril as needed
  • Pocket Size Design: This small, lightweight inhaler offers a pocket-sized design so you can toss it in your pocket, purse, gym bag, briefcase or desk drawer

Details: The powerful, Swiss-derived formula in the Olbas Aromatherapy Inhaler provides powerful vapors that revitalize breathing passages with just a few deep breaths. An excellent, natural approach to nasal care throughout the year, this invigorating formula delivers a refreshing sensation to help you get through seasonal discomforts with ease. The all-natural formula is fast-acting and non-habit forming, so you can enjoy a fresh, clean feeling in the nose as needed.

Binding: Health and Beauty

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